Myofocus Education Mission 

We believe in 'functional oral health from birth to beyond' for all.  Our mission is to provide access to excellent professional education courses for myofunctional health professionals  worldwide. Whether you are an orthodontist, dentist, OHT, SLP or bodyworker, or other health professional, we trust you will find our courses insightful and useful in day to day practice. We provide 'live' and pre-recorded online seminars, as well as tickets to face to face courses.

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 About our Founders

Dr Donny Mandrawa, co-founder of mYofocUs, has been performing myofunctional orthodontics since 2001. 95% of his patients are children. He has a great passion for helping children to grow towards their maximum unique genetic potential, and has attended numerous professional development courses all over the world to further his knowledge in this ever evolving field.

He has a wealth of clinical experience at developing the jaws, through correction of oral and facial muscle dysfunctions. Furthermore, he has educated over 150 dentists on myofunctional orthodontics for The University of Airlangga in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Now, he co-runs and co-presents the mYofocUs Mini Residency Modules and Courses with Dr. Dan, teaching dentists and various health practitioners (including Ear Nose Throat Specialists, Bodyworkers, Speech Language Pathologists, Lactation Consultants, etc.) about the mYofocUs pre-orthodontic system.

Dr. Dan Hanson, co-founder of mYofocUs, co-founder of The Tongue tie Institute and inventor of SleepYstrip - the exclusive nasal breathing device. He has dedicated his career to paediatric pre-orthodontics since 2011.

He lectured to dental practitioners, for Myofunctional Research Company (MRC), globally until 2017; and was the principal dentist of the MRC Clinic in Robina, Queensland, from 2012 to 2016.

Dr. Dan has a number of other useful skills beyond his dental degree. He seeks the root cause of symptoms, and has a keen interest in nutrition and breathing dysfunction and their effects on the mouth, teeth and jaws, as well as the rest of the body. He is a fully qualified Buteyko Breathing Retraining Educator, having successfully completed training in 2011 and has a wealth of knowledge about how to help people change breathing habits. He is founder of BreathCoach through which he trains future breathing educators.

Since 2018, he and Dr. Donny have been educating dentists and various other health professionals about the mYofocUs pre-orthodontic system, both locally and internationally.