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We believe in 'functional oral health from birth to beyond' for all.  Our mission is to provide access to excellent professional education courses for myofunctional health professionals  worldwide. Whether you are an orthodontist, dentist, OHT, SLP or bodyworker, you will find our courses insightful and useful in day to day practice. We provide  'live' and pre-recorded online seminars, as well as tickets to face to face courses.

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If you prefer live learning rather than pre-recorded lectures check out the calendar to see what's planned in future

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Watch as often as you like during the access period. Many courses come with downloadable course notes

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Coming Soon

Take Off into 'OMT' - Live course in Sydney 12th and 13th November 2022. For beginners to advanced OMTs

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Comfortable and convenient online learning for all

Get access to great research based education from the comfort of your own home or office. Whether it's a 'live' or a 'pre-recorded' webinar, online learning can be a great choice. No airfares, no accommodation, no fuss. Watch the material as often as you like during the 'course access period'.

You can also find tickets to our face to face 'in-person' seminars

We love to connect and meet others during events. Many of our events include special dinners, or social events. All of our online courses are available at these face to face conferences, so if you prefer to meet, connect and network during your learning we look forward to seeing you soon.

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