$5950 plus GST (For 1 dentist and 1 non-dentist)

4 Day Mini Residency in Myofunctional Orthodontics Melbourne 2024

A Complete Myofunctional Orthodontics Course for the entire dental team

Why learn from us?

  • 90% of children ages 2 to 10 years old are developing a malocclusion and need your help
  • Grow your practice with families committed to optimal health
  • Add a significant amount to your bottom line while helping children to grow, sleep, breathe and thrive
  • Bring one key (non-dentist) team member at no extra charge
  • Bring extra (non-dentist) team members for $900 / pp
  • Learn from highly experienced clinicians and world renowned lecturers
  • Post course support services available

Upon completion of this course you will be ready to begin 95% of all orthodontic cases in the deciduous and mixed dentition.

What will you learn?

  • Aetiology and diagnosis of malocclusion and soft tissue dysfunction
  • Treatment planning
  • Case selection
  • What to do at every visit including consultation, record taking, case presentations and treatment visits
  • Use of all necessary appliances including Munchee, Myobrace, Myolay build ups, Biobloc Orthotropics, Bent Wire System, Reverse Pull Head-gear
  • Introduction to Myofunctional Therapy
  • Respiratory physiology and establishing functional breathing
  • Nutritional health and effects on nose vs mouth breathing 
  • The cranial system
  • Handling difficult cases and trouble shooting
  • Team building and leadership training
  • Setting the scene for optimal patient compliance
  • Human behavioural psychology
  • An integrative approach to care and how to best collaborate with other professions

Why choose this course over others?

We see our job as being the guys who travel around the world to learn from the best we can find in the 'myofunctional field'. We then distill our knowledge and bring back the best of the best into one seamless and coherent system which we call the 'Myofocus System'. 

We are very proud that Myofocus is independent of myofunctional appliance companies and although we sometimes receive some sponsorship fees at courses, we do not receive a cent for any appliance sales, so you can rest assured that we are providing non biased, independent advice.

Dr Dan Hanson and Dr Donny Mandrawa have worked in no less than 8 myofunctional dental clinics between them. They have had the experience of what works well and what doesn't, both clinically and logistically.

They look forward to not only sharing the clinical aspects of caring for patients effectively, but also to sharing their insights on the 'business of 'myofunctional orthodontics', so that you can leave the course feeling confident about getting started, or improving your current methods of treatment.

We also offer a variety of post course support options including various closed private social media groups where you can interact with other students and ask questions well as 'case support' where we will plan your cases for you for a small fee. In addition we also have 'in-house' training options with us attending your clinic to deliver a tailor made training day for your entire team.

Myofocus History and Disclosure Statement

‘Myofocus' and its logo are registered trademarks in Australia since 2017 and has current pending trademarks in Japan. The name ‘Orofacial Myofunctional Take Off Program’ was trademarked in Australia in 2018 after it was created by Myofocus Australia Pty Ltd. Myofocus co-founders Dr Dan Hanson and Dr Donny Mandrawa are completely independent lecturers. They are employed only by Myofocus Australia Pty Ltd. They are independent from all of the following: Myofunctional Research Company (MRC), Myobrace, Myobrace Pre-orthodontics Centres, Myo Australia, and MyoMunchee. Dr Dan Hanson is BreathCoach founder, inventor of SleepYstrip mouth tape, and co-founder of Tongue Tie Institute.