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Masterclass in Myofunctional Treatment of Paediatric Malocclusion -Japan Ver- 10 days access

Welcome! This course has Japanese translation. (sequential and consecutive)

オンラインZoom meeting (通訳付)

新しく筋機能矯正を始めた、もしくは経験豊富な方向けで このセミナーは、日本におけるMyofocusの筋機能矯正施術者 の経験を学ぶ絶好の機会です。彼らの多くは長年、筋機能矯正 を行ってきました。しかしながら、2年前、彼らは商標登録さ れたMyofocusの’Takeoff’OMTシステムや様々なアプライアン スシステムを使用した共同アプローチによるMyofocusの哲学 など新しく革新的なプロトコールを導入しました。

Whether you are new to myofunctional orthodontics, or whether you are an experienced practitioner, this is a great chance to learn from the experience of some of the best Myofocus myofunctional orthodontic practitioners in Japan. Many of these practitioners have been doing myofunctional orthodontics for many years. However, in the last 2 years they have introduced new and innovative protocols such as the trademarked Myofocus ‘Take Off’ OMT system and the Myofocus philosophy of a collaborative inter-disciplinary approach to care, using a number of different appliance systems.

Learn from several of the most experienced dentists using the Myofocus philosophy

What you'll get:

  • Audio translation
  • 10 days access
  • Invite to join private Facebook group


Myofocus History and Disclosure Statement

‘Myofocus' and its logo are registered trademarks in Australia since 2017 and has current pending trademarks in Japan.


The name ‘Orofacial Myofunctional Take Off Program’ was trademarked in Australia in 2018 after it was created by Myofocus Australia Pty Ltd.


Myofocus co-founders Dr Dan Hanson and Dr Donny Mandrawa are completely independent lecturers. They are employed only by Myofocus Australia Pty Ltd.

They are independent from all of the following: Myofunctional Research Company (MRC), Myobrace, Myobrace Pre-orthodontics Centres, Myo Australia, and MyoMunchee.